5 Strategies to Improve your Web site’s Content


When creating a web presence, many organizations focus on the importance of branding and establishing the company’s style.  This often includes spending thousands on building a website as part of their marketing strategy.  Business owners hire web designers to create websites that reflect their vision.  However, an amazing website design is not enough to make your website successful.  Your web site’s content must be just as strong.

The web content is often the first form of communication a business makes with a consumer.  Think of it as an interactive brochure that helps encourage users to buy, sign up, or contact the business.

Our award-winning writing team has selected the top 5 strategies used to create effective website content.

  1. Keep it Simple.
    Keep it short and straight to the point.  Users don’t typically approach a web site with the intention to know all aspects of the company.  Many users skim through content, so don’t write more than necessary.  Focus on the most current services, products, or media.  Keep all the writing simple and focused.  Also, don’t get too creative with your writing as it may become more difficult to comprehend for some readers.  It may also cause you readers to lose interest.
  2. Know your target audience.
    Research your target audience to determine what approach to use when writing the content. You wouldn’t use the same tone or style when writing content for a children’s web site.  Therefore, learn as much as you can about your target audience.  Learn about their interests to determine what topics or words are appropriate for the reader.  The chances of a law firm’s web site having “awesome” or “cool” in its content are low because it wouldn’t really be appropriate for them or their readers.
  3. Important Information Comes First
    It’s important to have a logo or business name at the top of the web page.  This will better brand your web site.  Also, think of the purpose of your website.  Establishing the web site’s purpose can help you determine what information you must provide first.  For example, if you sell products, then you should include images and information about the products.  However, don’t forget the first strategy (Keep it Simple).  You don’t want to overwhelm your reader with too much information.
  4. Focus on the Relationship
    It’s important to use your writing to help you develop a relationship with the visitor Use effective writing to create awareness and trust.  This will improve your conversion rate, whether it’s focused on sales, subscribers, or other.  This is all a part of branding your business, so make the most out of your web site.
  5. Emphasize Competitive Advantages
    Consumers need to know the benefits and advantages of choosing your business.  The chances that visitors are also looking at your competitor’s web site is quite high.  Your content should mention your competitive advantage, such as niche, cost, quality/durability, and speed.  What makes your product or service stand out from the rest?  This is probably the most difficult part of content writing for businesses.  Many businesses emulate their competitors, and this only makes them blend in with the others.

We hope you find these strategies useful when writing web content.  If you need help creating effective web content or marketing content, you can request a free consultation with an expert web content writer.  We conduct thorough market research for each writing project.


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Vanessa Dubon
Vanessa Dubon
Web and graphic designer from Loma Linda, CA. She is an Internet marketing expert, and provides insight on ways to improve brand awareness.