Media Coverage for Local Startup Business

Media Coverage for Local Startup Business

Startup Press Release

We understand how difficult it is to start a business. There are so many factors to take into consideration including location, branding, product, service, inventory, and staffing. Many startup owners get caught up in all of these tasks that they miss opportunities to market their new business.

Grand Opening Press Release

Today is the grand opening of your pizza place. It’s almost the end of the day, and you haven’t made enough to cover labor costs. You wonder why more people didn’t come out to try your pizza. You’re pretty sure the community is aware of your arrival. A large Grand Opening banner hangs where your Coming Soon sign hung for the last month. Do you think this is enough to entice people to give your business a try?

Media coverage can help inform the community and other consumers about your new business. A reporter can create an article that highlights your products and/or services. They can encourage the reader to give your business a try! This is much more than what a sign can do.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you submit a press release to news outlets, bloggers, podcasts, and magazines. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, all businesses can benefit from media coverage.

Build a Reputation

Media coverage not only helps create awareness, but also helps build the reputation of your business. For example, the article or footage can mention that delicious pizza sauce, those fresh ingredients, and the family-friendly environment. The more sources write about your business, the more you solidify your reputation.

A good reputation is especially important if you plan on expanding. Investors are always looking into new or small businesses. If your product or service is receiving media coverage, then investors are more likely to take interest.

How to get media coverage?

You’ll be happy to know that it’s not difficult to reach news outlets and publishers with our help! You will need a press release to inform the reporter or news outlet about your new business. At Precision Writers, we can prepare your press release for as low as $50. Our press releases are guaranteed to hook reporters. We also offer press release distribution, so that you don’t have to worry contacting all those news outlets. We will write and distribute your press release, so that you can focus on your many other tasks.

Vanessa Dubon
Vanessa Dubon
Web and graphic designer from Loma Linda, CA. She is an Internet marketing expert, and provides insight on ways to improve brand awareness.