Harry offers what few can: an insider's view without the jargon and the attitude. His years of writing experience make him the ideal choice when words - spoken or written - matter. Harry has the integrity and the know-how to tackle a project with the zest and vigor your audience expects. I strongly recommend him.

Rich Jefferson
Worked with Harry for US Secretary of Agriculture

Harry Phillips has seen it all and done it all - with passion, accuracy and a thoughtfulness rare in the world of politics and public affairs. Harry is a tremendous wordsmith, who's writing reflects the tone and voice of the speaker, rather than the writer. This ability to listen to a client or candidate, and produce a quality speech, opinion piece or talking points, is a rare skill but Harry Philips has it.

Christopher Healy
Former Congressional aide
HUD official and Connecticut State Republican Party Chairman

Harry's writing ability is amazing and profound. He is an excellent writer who takes pride in the quality of his work. Harry is a very qualified and professional individual who strives in all he does.

Jaime M. Rapach
Chief Talent Officer at Zot, Inc.

While Harry’s primary language is English, his ability to consolidate a full room of political pressures, technical experts and “need it by yesterday” demands into well-honed, acronym-free messages is simply top shelf. His commitment to the team, his craft, his willingness to “deep dive” on complex subjects and his strong sense of (appropriate) humor made him a joy to work with – and now makes me just a bit jealous of those who will be benefitting from Harry’s electric pen in his newest endeavor.

Dale Moore, Former Chief of Staff
US Department of Agriculture

I'm just wild about Harry. He has a knack for turning a phrase just so that makes a speech sing. Harry Phillips is as good a speechwriter as they come. A true professional with the steady demeanor, high character and discretion who can work with senior executives in any enterprise. Oh, and good guy to boot.

Peter Ramjug, Former Reuters Financial Reporter
Worked with Harry at US Navy

Harry hired me into the George W. Bush Administration where I worked directly for him until he left to work for OPM. While I had written speeches before as part of my job, this was my first full-time speech writing job. The office was very fast-paced and high-volume. He worked with me to not only hone my craft, but to also develop the necessary relationships that make the approval process more efficient and effective. Harry understands that writing the speech is a fraction of the job, and that the other aspects - relationships, trust, understanding nuance, research, storytelling, coaching - are equally important and often misunderstood aspects of the job. He really knows how to take care of his speakers so they can concentrate on their execution.

Juli Branson
Owner and operator of Branson Ink
Developing Experts, Making A Difference
Worked with Harry for the Secretary of Transportation

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Harry Phillips at several places and in several aspects. I know him to be a top notch professional and an excellent writer who knows how to turn a phrase and to do the background research and legwork needed to make speeches come alive. I highly recommend him as his experience includes writing speeches for high-level officials in government and in the private sector.

Bill Outlaw
Head of public affairs for two federal agencies,
a Presidential candidate and a U.S. Senator
Worked with Harry at the US Department of Transportation

I've known Harry since we first volunteered together in 2004. He has always impressed me as a straight shooter. He also believes in helping younger people land jobs in DC. He has directly worked for and assisted some fine people including the Secretary of Transportation during the 9-11 period and because of his work he won awards and had some of his work published. He is creative in developing communications and messaging but also believes in and defends journalistic honesty. He is strongly recommended for your team.

Russ Cherry
Semi-retired consultant, federal executive and US Coast Guard officer
Worked with Harry for the US Secretary of Transportation

I had the pleasure to work with and learn from Harry Phillips at the U.S. Department of Agriculture under then Secretary Johanns. Harry has a natural talent and instinct for knowing how to communicate and connect with an audience. His ability to bring words to life through a speech can be seen just by watching an audience's reaction. He knows how to bring the right media attention to any subject matter. I also learned a lot from Harry in how to make your speaker stand out among many others in long line-ups. His attention to detail and personal touch will provide his clients with the utter-most service.

Raegan Weber
Speechwriter and public affairs professional at Mortgage Bankers Association
Worked with Harry for the US Secretary of Agriculture

Harry is a talented speechwriter, and his work has been selected for publication by Vital Speeches of the Day. His experience with a wide range of topics, audiences, speakers and venues is impressive.

Pete Weissman, Founder
Thought Leader Communications
Friend and former US Senate Press Secretary