Harry’s speeches are great adventure stories that lure in the listener and never let go.

Andy Thibault, Author
NBC Network News Reporter

I have known Harry since he worked in a congressional office in the 1980s. He worked in the House of Representatives and did some work for Senate Minority Leader, Bob Dole. He even contributed to one of President Reagan's State of the Union speeches. Plus he was an all around great guy to be around. He went out of his way to help me when I was looking for a job on the Hill. He was never too busy to try and help someone who wanted to get some congressional experience. You would not go wrong hiring him to create a speech or do some content writing for you. I would rate him five stars.

Cheri Jacobus, President at Capitol Strategies PR
Worked with Harry in the U.S. Congress

Harry Phillips is a go-to writer of executive speeches, press releases and business content. His writing can persuade, inform and move people to action. He excels in any format: digital, print or speeches. Harry’s experience includes writing for high-level leaders in business, government and defense. I started working with Harry nearly 20 years ago at the Export-Import Bank of the United States and have enjoy his writing the way you enjoy your favorite author; he pulls you into the story, holds your attention and pushes the message forward while capturing the hearts and minds of his audience. Skilled writers such as Harry are hard to find. If it is important to you; it is important to use Harry.

Ken Murphy, MBA
Marketing & Communications | PR Social Media | Web Analytics, Content, SEO-CRM
Worked with Harry at Export-Import Bank of the United States

Harry is one of the most skilled, versatile and respected speechwriters the DC area.  He knows pretty much everybody, and is beloved by them all (principals, clients, co-workers, and fellow speechwriters).  You just can't go wrong if Harry Phillips is putting pen to paper for you.

Randy Lee, Speechwriter at US Government
Former Speechwriter for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Harry gave me the critical opportunity I needed to make a profound career change, and for that I will always consider him a friend as well as a colleague. Harry is a gifted writer and he is skilled in the ways of Washington, DC. I learned so much in the time I worked for him, and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again. Anyone looking for a true craftsman to help shape and define their organization's message would do well to consider Harry Phillips.

Jim LaFemina
Transportation Security Administration Former Speechwriter for Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta

I have known Harry since he worked at the Norwich Bulletin. He was considered the best crime reporter they ever had. He was often on the scene of an accident or a crime before the police showed up. He was like the Superman of crime reporters.

Faye Jillson, Former Newspaper Reporter

Harry's writing is fast, telling in detail and accurate in content. He combines the talents of being a stickler for facts with a flair for "just right" phrasing. He has an ear for the music of the English language.

Rich Jefferson
Worked with Harry at U.S. Department of Agriculture

Harry has never, ever, been at a loss for words, no matter what the occasion. It doesn't surprise me that he has become a top ranked speechwriter since I first met him back in the 80s. He was a newspaper reporter then. I am not surprised that he has become somewhat of a celebrity in his field of work. I know you can't go wrong hiring him to get your message across to an important audience.

Brad Shopp
Known Harry for 25 years

Harry Phillips owns that rare combination of talent that most communications professionals can only yearn for: strong writing skills, thoroughness, probing interviews and the ability to turn even the mundane into a good and interesting story. I had the privilege of working collaboratively with Harry on a couple of investigative stories earlier in our careers, and no one could match his zeal for finding out what really happened, how and why. Harry makes anyone he works with that much better.

Bill Stanley

May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung...and may you stay forever young.

Joe Shilinga
Connecticut Statehouse Fixture Former Connecticut House of Representatives

Harry is a true professional in the world or wordsmiths. He has applied his craft to ably serve a diverse group of speakers, addressing an equally diverse array of topics.

Terri Hauser
Political Director at National Federation of Republican Women